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About Anne K. Donze

Paper dolls were a favorite of mine when I was growing up.  I remember surveying the shelves while my dad was doing the grocery shopping, and when he would come to find me, I could usually talk him into buying me the much-coveted book. 

I bought and played with paper dolls in the 1960’s.  I bought many sets at the Wilson’s 5 & 10 store, in the Rozier's Ben Franklin Department, and also at the Sterling Discount Store.  As I grew up I continued to purchase sets or books and put them back.  I picked up a few books in college, and later found a book or set  here and there when I was vacationing during the early years of my marriage.  I guess I never really got paper dolls out of my system. 

I started officially collecting paper dolls in 1998 when we bought a computer for the family and went online.  I joined several email groups via the internet , got my hands on some reference books, and was hooked.  At one point, I was asked to participate in a paper doll "round robin."  I was to draw an outfit for a paper doll, and then mail it to the next name on a list. Eventually the doll would return to its original owner with a new wardrobe. 

A successful paper doll artist and friend, Kim Brecklein, gave me some tips on how to use colored pencils, what sort of paper to use, how to use tracing paper, ways to blend, etc.  I joked to my  friends that I was taking colored pencil lessons on the internet from a friend in Oklahoma--proof that you can learn almost anything online!

We had an unusual amount of snow that winter and I had some extra time on my hands.  I drew a whole bunch of costumes for the "round robin," and found that I was really enjoying myself!! (Of course my husband thought I was nuts!)

That summer, my next-door-neighbor and good friend urged me to try drawing a doll.  So, I stood one of my daughter’s dolls on the coffee table and attempted to draw it.  After three tries, I was satisfied. 

I’m married and we have two grown children.   I’m also a kindergarten teacher, so my drawing time is limited. I try to take advantage of holidays and summer vacation. I’ve turned some of my paper dolls into little magnetic sets and I’ve had some success selling them at local craft shows. It’s been great fun to share my hobby with the public!!

I like doing paper dolls of "real" dolls, so most of the models for my work have been dolls that my daughter once played with, or dolls that the neighborhood girls played with when they were younger.

I attended my first paper doll gathering in Springfield, Missouri in the summer of 1999. There I met face to face some of the people I had been visiting with online for over a year. What a great experience! 

I've attended several National Paper Doll Conventions, most recently the 2015 convention in Chattanooga, TN. I've met many artists, collectors and paper doll friends from all over the country. I've been able to keep in contact with many of them through various email groups, facebook and through private email. We have a great time online! 

I've been published in Doll Castle News, DOLLS magazine, Doll Collector magazine and Paper Doll Studio.

I would love to hear from fellow collectors and artists, so I encourage you to write and share your paper doll "story" with me.